Sunday, August 29, 2010

strawberry field

i love manipulated pictures. its just out of the world, if u know what i mean. the more i get too exited about the picture that i just took, the more my crazy brain wants to edit it. as a result, well.. u can see it urself. last night, azim took me to a restaurant called 'strawberry field' at Taipan, subang. at first i didn't know that we would eat at the restaurant because he said that he wanted to eat at mcD. ('-.-) it was kinda creepy and i felt too fashionable just to eat at mcD. if i know a bit earlier, i wont mind wearing just my pajamas to go there. but thank god azim was just joking-__- pffff. to make it a bit realistic, he even take a turn into a mcD just to make me believe that we are actually gonna eat at mcD. ( bazir minyak je taw )

anyway, as soon as we get to the restaurant, what a surprise. Fiera and Naquib was there. so, we bukak puasa together and live happily ever after. oh, one more thing, azim take a zip of his drink before azan magrib. gud job boy.(aish terlupa pulak nak snap pictures dekat restoran,syok makan namanya).
tythmyt (2)
these picture was taken at the roof top of sunway pyramid's building.